Twizzlers • Chew on it 

Apparently chewing on something helps you think,
and there are few things as chewy as Twizzlers. So short story short:
Twizzlers can help you answer some of life’s greatest questions.

We kicked off this campaign by letting a few people chew on a couple fundamental questions:

...Then we started chewing on one ourselves:

So we made izzlers to find out:

Turns out izzlers are just as good as Twizzlers.
Maybe even 10 time$ better if you believe ebay:

People on TV liked izzlers too, it had a cameo appearance on Hulu’s Your Attention Please.

Speaking of shows, turns out The Late Late Show with
James Corden’s writer room loves loves LOVES twizzlers,
so we decided to do something nice for them:

We sent them the “Twizzalert!” 
A one-of-a-kind Twizzler delivery system that electronically orders a factory-fresh palette with the push of a button.

Looks like they liked it a lot

Who made it happen?

Agency: Droga5 
CCO: Neil Heymann
GCD: Brandon Pierce
CWs: Caroline Ekrem & Dan Litzow
AD: Castro Desroch
ACD & Design Director: Michael Kleinman
Tech: Brian Moore

Film production company: Furlined  
Director: Kristoffer Borgli


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